The Big Leap Book By Gay Hendricks.

The Big Leap Book By Gay Hendricks Books



Gay Hendricks The Big Leap Book

Table of content:


Remove your last obstacle to ultimate success in wealth, work and love.

ONE: Preparing For Your Big Leap.

the one problem and how to solve it.

TWO: Making The Leap.

Dismantling the foundation of the problem.

THREE: Getting Specific.

How to spot the upper limit problem in daily life

FOUR: Building A New Home In Your Zone Of Genius.

How to make every moment an expression of your genius.

FIVE: Living In Your Zone Of Genius.

Using the ultimate Success mantra to thrive in love, abundance and creativity.

SIX: Living In Einstein Time.

Creating time for the full Expression of your Genius

SEVEN: Solving The Relationship Problem.

Transcending the upper limits of love and APPrecition

APPEMDIX: Baby Steps And Big Leaps.

My Early Adventures As an Entrepreneur




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The Pros And Cons Of Steroid Replacement Supplements

While the term ‘steroids’ is often associate with negative attributes, the steroid supplement can be beneficial. In fact, steroid replacement supplements are typically used for various medical conditions such as regulating sexual performance among men who have undergone or are undergoing testicular cancer. Of course, with the benefits come some disadvantages and despite the positive effects, the use of steroid replacement supplements can have some side effects. This article will provide some information on the positive and negative side effects for people using these particular types of supplements.

What Are The Pros Of Using Steroid Replacement Supplements?

1. Increased Recovery Time

One positive aspect of steroid supplements is the increased recovery time for individuals following an injury. By regulating the production of cortisol within the body, the supplements can reduce the time taken for the body to recover from severe injuries. Furthermore, individuals have presented with higher levels of stamina helping to increase their participation in recovery activities and promote repair of injured body areas. A disadvantage of this advantage is that the individual may not take the necessary time to recover adequately for severe injuries and will return to activity before full recovery is experienced. If an injury occurs in this situation, there is a chance that chronic damage will be experienced.

2. Increased Muscle Size

Steroid replacement supplements are beneficial in that they increase the muscle size and mass for the user. This is due to an increase in the nitrogen content level in the human, resulting in a higher production of protein – crucial elements in muscle development and growth. Of course, it is possible to develop muscle mass and size with a suitable exercise plan and diet; however, the introduction of supplements can increase the size making it easier to engage in strength sports.

3. Reducing Body Fat

A significant advantage to the use of steroid replacement supplements is the reduction of body fat. it is useful for athletes who are trying to lose weight and build muscle for events; as well as for individuals who were working on overcoming obesity or increased weight levels. Obesity is a growing epidemic and using this supplement can help promote a reduction in body fat. This will encourage individuals to continue exercising, dieting and working towards their ultimate goal weight.

What Are The Cons Of Using Steroid Replacement Supplements?

1. Adverse Affects To The Brain

One of the most life-threatening disadvantages to steroid replacement supplement use is the negative affects this supplement can have on the brain. Studies have shown that users present with higher levels of aggressive behavior, psychotic tendencies, heightened anxiety, disruptions in sleep patterns, depression, paranoia, and experiences of mania. There have been cases where the user has reported formations of split personalities and extreme mood swings. If you or other supplement users begin to show these characteristics, it is essential that you contact a medical professional and discontinue use of the supplement immediately.

2. Facial Deformity

Studies have shown that steroid replacement therapy has caused facial deformity among various users. This is due to the high levels of water retention in the body situated around the individual’s face resulting in puffy cheeks and swollen eyes. Females have also demonstrated increased hair growth on the face, and both genders have presented with halitosis.

3. Cardiovascular Difficulties

Prolonged use of the steroid replacement supplement can have an adverse impact on the heart. While the supplements can prevent certain conditions, the risk of cardiovascular conditions increases as the individual continues to use the medication. Blood pressure is high among these people, and this can negatively influence cardiovascular operation.

Top legal Steroids For Weight Lifting And Training

The Top 5 Steroids for Weight Lifting

If you are interested in assistance in building all that lean muscle mass, the use anabolic steroids can proffer some dynamic results. Following is an overview of some of the top anabolic steroids on the market, some will be more suitable to your needs than others so be sure to begin a steroid cycle only after qualified advice from an experienced health authority.

5 – Testosterone

Testosterone can be either the best or worst building agent depending on who you ask. From a scientific standpoint, testosterone is essential for muscle growth in the body. Besides this, it is plain to see that all the other options for steroids are simply chemical substances that attempt to imitate the function of testosterone in the body.
This is why many of the world’s top muscle enthusiasts will turn to testosterone for their supplementation when building muscle. The most popular options for commercial testosterone-only cycles are Testosterone Propionate and Sustanon-250

4 – Deca Durabolin

Arguably the most popular options for steroids in the world, with good reason I’m sure, is Deca Durabolin.Those who have used have reported gaining as much as 20 pounds over a 12 week period. Deca is designed to enhance the protein synthesis which optimizes muscle growth especially for bodybuilders who have hit a plateau. Because Deca Durabolin is an anabolic supplement and not androgenic supplement, it is more efficient at what it does than testosterone.

3 – Anadrol

This is the perfect compound set in the proper proportions for those who want to gain a steady weight in pounds in a specific amount of time. The average to weight gain to be expected from Anadrol, is about 10 pounds in the first four weeks, before hitting the inevitable plateau. For this reason, many bodybuilders will use Anadrol to jumpstart their progress and switch to another steroid type later in the routine.
2 – Trenbolone

Trenbolone is a remarkable steroid compound, and it provides impressive results in both the building and cutting cycles. Coupled with the proper routine of diet and exercise tren can help bodybuilders gain as much as 25 pounds in a single cycle.
It also comes with a bunch of other benefits that that round out the experience nicely, there is extra nitrogen retention, increased oxygenation and more efficient protein synthesis due to the capacity it has for increasing the blood cell count. Not only is this steroid highly effective, but it is also a favorite among professional bodybuilders.

1 – Dianabol

Dianabol, or Dbol, as it has become known by an entire planet of adoring fans, is and will always be one of the most beloved steroid options on the market. It has proffered dynamic benefits that have been showcased in blockbuster movies, the Red Carpet events, and even St. Barts.
Dbol can easily help the individual gain as much as 30 pounds per cycle, and it is the best steroid type for enhancing strength. This leads to greater workout efficiency and greater gains in a shorter amount of time.

Because Dbol is an androgenic steroid compound, some of the weight gained will be water retention, and you will want to combine your steroid intake with an anti-estrogen compound that will help you shed the water and enjoy a lean muscular look rather than a bloated water retention look.
In Closing — Although this list has been given a set order, this only represents the overall view of steroid use. It is entirely possible for the individual to have a personal set of reactions to the various steroid types. Many people have found that Testosterone has been the most efficient form, and the Dbol proffered counter-productive results.
It is important to fully understand the body type you are working with if you hope to see impressive results.

Finding Steroids For Working Out For Sale

Getting muscular is hard. Sure, you can exercise day and night, but if you’re not eating right and you don’t have the right genetics, it’s just not going to happen. It’s the genetics part that’s truly upsetting. Because of genetics, you can do absolutely everything right and still not gain any size at all.

That’s a terrible situation to be in. It’s incredibly disheartening to feel like no matter how hard you work, you’re just never going to be able to get to the size that you want. This is why so many people turn to supplements and drugs to help them get that edge. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, as long as you do it safely and you make sure you’re paying attention to your health.

But the real question is, how do you find steroids for working out for sale? After all, it’s hard to use steroids if you can’t even find the steroids! And of course, it’s not just a matter of finding them, either. You have to find ones that are actually going to do the thing that you want them to do, and not be cut with anything that’s actually poisonous. Sad as it is to say, there are some very unscrupulous dealers who will gladly sell poison. Especially due to the fact that they’re selling a technically illegal substance, and doing so from a foreign country. So there’s no one to complain to.

The absolute best way to find the right stuff is to simply know where to ask about it. There are a number of weight lifting forums online that will gladly talk about how to find the best stuff. They’re already talking about things such as supplement use, workout structure, and a number of other things dedicated to how to build muscle and gain mass fast. That means they’re liable to know about the different steroid products that can be used properly.

Do be careful that you’re finding forums that are actually trustworthy. There are some incredibly sketchy weight lifting forums out there that are going to be giving out all manner of sketchy information. Those forums may lead you down a path to taking an absolutely terrible drug, or not helping you get your eating schedule right in order to get the most use out of those drugs that you’re taking. Both of those things would be absolutely and utterly terrible.

Whatever you do, when you’re looking for steroids for working out for sale, absolutely do not simply start googling websites and trying your luck. You might end up finding steroids that do exactly what you want. However, that’s about as likely as striking gold on your first outing. Not very likely, in other words. You need to absolutely avoid sketchy websites that may or may not actually give you a product. Even if the website claims to have a generous return policy, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. A good way to tell is to look at what kind of advertisements the site has, and how many. The more stuffed with ads, and the more lewd and raunchy the ads, the more likely that the website simply isn’t all that trustworthy.

Ultimately, steroids are a hard thing to get and use. They are, after all, somewhat illegal in the United States. However, just because a thing is somewhat illegal doesn’t mean you can’t get any benefits from it. Just make absolute certain that when you buy the steroids, you’re getting them from a trustworthy dealer. Otherwise, you could wind up regretting it severely when (not if) something goes wrong.

Positive Effects Of Safe Steroids To Take For Muscle Building

Is there a Safe Steroid?

Asking this question is like asking if there is a ‘safe’ alcohol? You may be interested in knowing that alcohol is not what is bad and causes so much raucous emotions on Friday night, that’s alcohol abuse!
If you are reading this you are here because you are interested in the dynamic results steroids can proffer, the kind that we commonly see portrayed across pop culture. Of course, you must also know that these results are highly ‘unnatural’ and will employ the use of potentially dangerous substances.
Steroids are no joke, but a major life-changing decision that can always provoke major changes in the body, either desirable or highly undesirable.
To put it quite simply steroids are drugs, and there is no ‘safe way’ to commit to regular drug use. Sure the results are not quite like what you would expect from starting up a crack addiction or committing to a stint of alcoholism. Nevertheless, the opportunities for abuse and addiction are equally high.
Steroid addiction and abuse is a particularly insidious condition too; many people take a quick fix to improve performance for “just one cycle!” — but the end story with these half-hearted fitness enthusiasts is often worse than a person entering the steroid life fully committing to it.
The thing is, once the gains begin to come to the temptation is to take things too far comes strongly too. After all, who want’s to go back to feeling like Mr. Nobody after doubling their physical output? This is when the problem has gotten bad and may be harder to reverse.
The only way to assure the best results from a steroid induced program of muscular growth would be to enter it with a plan and a plan to keep yourself disciplined. Things will become fuzzy later on down the line, and the temptation to ‘adjust’ your course will be strong AF —stay the course and you will avoid falling into the pitfalls for those who take things too far.
Following are a few rules that can be applied for steroid use. While the individualities of such an endeavor are too numerous to describe here, knowing what a healthy steroid plan looks like will keep you on the up and up in this unnatural effort.

1. Wait till you are 24.
First of all, never begin using steroids until you have spent at least three to four years studying the dynamics of muscular mechanics and growth. If you feel like you have hit a uncrossable ‘plateau’ in your workout before this age, 24, you need to learn a lot more about your body and the exercise you are putting it through.

Furthermore, steroids can mess with the way the body is developing and gaining structure during these formative years. If you hope to achieve the best results from a steroid addition, allow your body to mature before you begin thoroughly.

2. Don’t Begin with steroids till all Natural Exercise has Proven Pointless
Even after the age of 24, don’t use steroids. Steroids are like super fuel for the most finely tuned muscle machines, putting that in the ‘Toyota’ type engines will fritz it out. Take time to learn the body building dynamic of your machine or body, when you understand how to build muscle you will know when to add steroid supplements.

3. Don’t Begin Steroid Cycles Without a Full Medical Check-Up
This disciplined and highly controlled steroid use is only beneficial to a healthy adult. Even still there is no telling how this will affect the individual. For this reason, it is always best to undergo a full body examination and blood analysis.
As steroid use is still not quite what you would call ‘legal,’ it would be good to find an open-minded doctor with whom you can divulge your intentions and can proffer you medical advice on your way. This may not be easy; most doctors are going to say “Why are you doing this! It’s bad for you!”

Best Legal Anabolic Steroids Supplements In The Market For Sale Online.

5 Legal Muscle Building Steriods

If you are searching for a bodybuilding supplement that is reliable, then you are at the right place. Legal steroids are not only great for bodybuilding but also are powerful muscle supplements that can do much for your body. Legal steroids help to lower recovery times as well as enhance workout performance dramatically. With legal steroids you will be able to take your body to a strength and physique level you have always wanted.

The great thing about legal steroids is that they have all the positive anabolic effects of anabolic steroids but minus all the negative side effects. Legal steroids are advance formula supplements that help you increase muscle definition and muscle mass over a short period effectively and safely. Here are 5 legal muscle building steroids.

1. Dianabol (D-Bal)

This legal muscle building steroid is a potent strength and muscle agent that you can use either on its own or as part of a bulking stack. D-Bal helps to improve the size and shape of your muscles and boosts your strength levels. This legal steroid enhances the retention of nitrogen in the muscle tissue thus helping your body synthesize more protein. If you find it hard to build muscle then consider using D-Bal as a muscle building supplement.


2. Anadrol ( Anadrole )

This legal steroid is a potent strength and bulking agent. You can use Anadrole either by itself or you can stack it with other products. It helps the body produce more red blood cells and helps in delaying fatigue. Anadrole also helps in increasing the transportation of oxygen in the body which helps in stacking on muscle. Use Anadrole to become stronger, more effective, and ready to work out for a longer time with more strength.
3. Trenorol ( Trenbolone )

This legal muscle building steroid is a bulking/cutting agent. Trenorol has been formulated to raise testosterone to high levels and helps in nitrogen retention, which is critical for the improvement of muscle mass. Trenorol works particularly well because it has healthy fat burning properties thus helping you gain more lean muscle.


4. Anvarol

Anvarol is a legal steroid that is a lean muscle/cutting agent. Anvarol helps to give your body a leaner look and aids in muscle mass preservation too. It increases strength and works particularly well when stacked with Trenbolone. Anvarol is ideal for cutting cycles because it helps in retention of lean muscle as well as burning fat. It boosts the phosphocreatine levels in the body thereby aiding the production of ATP at a higher rate thus supplying the necessary energy to workout harder and longer.


5. Testomax (Sustanon)

Testomax is a testosterone booster. If you love lifting weight then testosterone is critical and Testomax helps in boosting the production of testosterone in the body. Higher testosterone levels boost strength gains and increase the lean body muscle mass. Testomax is also quite helpful in boosting energy levels and improving your recovery time.


Final Thoughts And Warnings

You might be spending a lot of time working out but still finding that food regimen and weights are not enough to achieve your goals. This is when you need extra help in the form of steroids. Steroids have earned a negative reputation because most of the illegal ones are unhealthy and do more harm than good.

Legal steroids however are a healthy alternative to the steroid injections and can give you massive gains. These steroids are safe for use and have no harmful side effects and you don’t even require a prescription for them. They can help you achieve gains of up to 15 to 29 pounds of lean muscle mass in just a few weeks. They are ideal for all objectives including power, endurance, strength, leaner body, and muscle mass.

Crazy Bulks VS Crazy Mass Review!

Crazy Bulk VS Crazy Mass
Crazy Bulk VS Crazy Mass

Detailed Review Of The Best Alternative Legal Steroids

Crazy Bulk Review

Features, Benefits And Offers

CrazyMass Review

Features, Benefits And Offers

  • No Prescription Or Injection Required.
  •  Legal Anabolics Steroid Alternatives To Real Steroids.
  • No Side Effects: We use only 100% natural, safe ingredients. You get all the benefits of steroids, legally, with no side effects!
  • Fast Results: As low as 4 weeks!
  • Free Shipping Within The US, For international customers a fee of $9.99 is required. Be Aware some countries may have additional custom fee.
  • Payment options : All major credit cards including Paypal!
  • Refund on all unopened items for a period of 7 days after the order day.
  • Prices Range From $54.99 to $274.99

Star Ratings!

  • No Perscription Or Injection Required.
  •  Legal Anabolics Steroids Alternatives To Real Steroids.
  • No Side Effects: all of our products are made with natural ingredients, No side effects as regular steroids have been known to produce.
  • Fast Results: As fast as 30 days!
  • Free Shipping Whithin the US, For international customers a fee of $12.99 required. Be aware some countries may have additional custom fee.
  • Payment Option: All major credit cards including Paypal!
  • Refund on all unopened items for a period of 14 days after the order day.
  • Prices Range From $66.99 to $281.00.

Star Ratings! Brands

Products And Stacks:


2-DECADURO (Deca Durabolin):

3-TESTO-MAX (Sustanon)

4-ANADROLE (Anadrol)








Products And Stacks:






6-T-BAL 75







Six Reasons To Choose Crazy Bulks Over Crazy Mass

If you are looking for legal steroids, it can be difficult to determine which one to buy. Crazy bulk and Crazy Mass are two options that are wildly popular, which can make it hard to decide which will provide you with the most benefit. The reality is that Crazy Bulk is a far superior product. Here are six reasons that you should purchase this product over the other.

    1-The Product Is Less Expensive

    One thing that cannot be disputed is the fact that buying legal steroids is not cheap. With that said, some products are more affordable than others. You can buy Crazy Bulk for a price that is lower than Crazy Mass. Even though it is not as pricey, you can look forward to excellent results. That is more than you can say about other products that are low-quality and have a low price to reflect that.

    2. The Recipe​

    The ingredients that are used in Crazy Bulk make it a far superior product. This does not mean that Crazy Mass does not work in any way, but the results that you can expect will not be as profound as those you will have if you decide to buy Crazy Bulk. There are no synthetic or artificial ingredients added to the contents of this products, so you can take them without worrying about experiencing any adverse side effects.

    3. The Community

    Many products that help you add bulk to your frame have online communities made up of others that have similar goals. If you choose Crazy Bulk, you can look forward to being part of a unit that offers guidance and support during a time when you are going to need it. Those who forgo this product and choose Crazy Mass will not have access to the same type of support unit, which means that there is a chance that their progress may be impeded.

    4. Boosts Sex Drive

    When many people take steroids, they have to worry about how their bedroom performance will be negatively affected. This is not the case when you choose Crazy Bulk. Consumers who have used the product have reported a significant increase in their libido. While this is not the only reason for anyone to begin taking a supplement, this is an added bonus that should certainly be taken into consideration when trying to decide which product to buy.

    5. Additional Products

    It is always nice if one company is able to provide you numerous products that can help you. One problem that many bodybuilders face is trying to tone male breast tissue. It might seem like something like this can only be helped by having surgery, but that is not the case. There is a product offered by Crazy Bulk that can significantly decrease the appearance of man boobs. The people who sell Crazy Mass do not provide a product such as this.

    6. Available For Women

    Unfortunately, many legal steroid companies market their products to only men. This is a negative thing, especially since there are just as many women as men out there who are looking to build bulk. While the main product offering is intended for men, there is a product that was created specifically for women.

    Bonus - If you use Crazy Bulks and you provide them with a before and after picture that they can use to tout their products, they will reward you with a free stack. As you should know by now, this is a great deal and one you should surely take advantage of. Since the price of a stack can range from nearly $180 to $275, this is not something you should shrug off. As you can probably tell, there are many advantages of each of these products. Even so, Crazy Bulk has far more benefits, so you should add it to the top of your list. After reading all of the benefits that one can glean by making this particular choice, it's hard to understand why someone would ignore it and buy something else. Not only does that mean that your body will suffer, but you will be making a choice that you will surely regret.

    HGH Review | Humane Growth Hormones Uses And Effects

    A Review Of What HGH Can Do For Your Life And Health

    Are you currently thinking about taking HGH for its anti-aging properties or in your athletic training? In fact, HGH has a multitude of uses for individuals looking to better their overall lives and health. However, it can be a difficult choice to decide if you want to place unusual substances in your body. Fortunately, this is not a decision you have to make by yourself as there is a multitude of HGH reviews available online. Let’s look at a few items you will want to know a little more about before you choose to use HGH.

    FDA Tested And Approved

    This is one of the areas that many people tend to get confused about when reading information about HGH. Many websites report that HGH has been fully tested and approved for human consumption by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration. While that is true to an extent, you are not getting the full story. HGH was approved by the FDA for a very particular set of conditions in human beings. HGH is approved for children diagnosed with a growth inhibition, adult bowel syndrome, treatment of pituitary tumors, and muscle wasting diseases. However, most individuals are looking to use HGH in their training routines and to achieve a younger look. In those cases, HGH has not been approved, and you are at the mercy of the manufacturers of the supplement as to any claims they are making on the human growth hormone product. If you plan on using HGH for those reasons it is best to discuss your plans with your physician before buying any particular supplement.

    A Review Of Some Of The Possible Uses Of HGH

    Reverse The Effects Of Aging

    It is minimal we can do to prevent the signs of aging. It happens to all of us, some much sooner than they would like. In the case of early aging, many individuals have begun to use HGH as a means to turn back the clock. HGH is used successfully in many clinics. However, you should not expect the same results at home. Many over the counter HGH supplements designed to repair the body and features in not an effective solution. Studies have shown that a decrease in natural hormones leads to increased weight, lack of energy, and a reduced bone mass. So it is easy to see why more people are looking to HGH as an effective means to turn back the aging clock. However, it is important to receive HGH in the strongest sense possible and not rely on over the counter concoctions.

    Taking Athletic Training To A New Level

    For as long as people have been able to run they have been trying to get faster and faster. It becomes an obsession to take your physical skills and activities as quickly as humanly possible. With that said, many individuals have been looking at HGH as a safe alternative to reach higher levels in their athletic training. HGH is designed to help the body perform better under the most strenuous of activities. HGH can not only increase the number of muscle cells but the size of them as well.

    Now you can see some of the advantages of using HGH as well as some of the most important aspects you need to know. Whether you are choosing to use HGH for its anti-aging properties or a more enhanced workout, you now know some of the important aspects to look for while deciding if it is right for you. Hopefully, this information will allow you to make a more informed decision about using HGH in your life.

    Human Growth Hormone For Sale | HGH For Sale Online

    ​Best Human Growth Hormone Pills For Sale Online

    Top Rated HGH Brands Recommended And Most Liked By Our Viewers


    HGH-X2 Somatroppine is an HGH releaser. It’s formulated to trigger your body’s pituitary gland into releasing more HGH into your bloodstream. Expect quality, lean muscle gains, quick fat loss and faster recovery times.


    HGH (human growth hormone) is a hugely powerful anabolic hormone produced naturally in your body by your pituitary gland. It stimulates muscle growth, boosts protein production and increases your body’s use of fat. HGH levels naturally decrease with age but studies have shown that some specific amino acids can stimulate the release of HGH.

    HGH-X2 Somatroppine uses a powerful blend of these amino acids to step up your body’s HGH production, leading to quality, lean muscle gains, fast fat burning and rapid recovery times in between your workouts.

    HGH-X2 steps on the human growth hormone gas, firing up muscle growth and burning through fat stores for a larger, leaner frame and accelerated recovery times.

    • SAFE & LEGAL Somatropin Alternative
    • QUALITY Lean Muscle
    • POWERFUL Fat Burning
    • INCREASED Muscle to Fat Ratio
    • FAST Recovery
    • NO Needles or Prescriptions
    • RAPID RESULTS Within 30 Day
    Somatroppine HGH Releaser By Crazy BUlks
    Buy Now
    Somatropinne 1 month supply $139.99  
    • ​Our flagship homeopathic HGH Supplement – Injection Free!
    • Combines the six most potent Growth Factors and 8 proven amino acid releasers!
    • Has been recommended by independent researchers physicians
    • If you are not completely satisfied, simply return for a full refund! Produced exclusively by
    • Dr. Thierry Hertoghe talks about the effects of growth hormone: “you can see right to the heart of a problem. I am a leader in many institutions. I find new solutions, new creativity. Growth hormone gives an imperial calmness. You act without fear.”*
    Used For:
    1. ​HGH Supplementation. Use what the Pro's use.
    2. Bodybuilding Supplement
    3. Lean muscle building
    4. Weight Loss
    5. Anti-Aging, Rejuevenation.

    3- GenFx HGH​ :


    Want HGH? 4 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

    Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland and found in higher concentrations in children and teens. Since HGH is vital for the growth of humans, it is prized as a way to supplement naturally produced HGH to help increase muscle mass and improve fitness performance. Although many people use or are considering HGH, there are factors you need to understand before you make a purchase of growth hormone online.

    The Legality Of HGH

    HGH is only legal when it is prescribed by a medical professional. In most situations, HGH is prescribed because a person has a medical condition that would improve if their body made enough HGH. It is more commonly prescribed to children who lack adequate hormone production to help them reach their full growth potential. For adults, Legal HGH for sale may be prescribed to mitigate muscle wasting or if it is found they do not produce adequate amounts of hormones.

    There is variability among doctors of what constitutes “adequate” hormone production. Some may prescribe HGH at lower hormone levels than others. HGH is also available via other routes that are not legal. Since there is no way of knowing the quality of unregulated HGH or whether or not it contains any HGH, buying through illegal channels is both a legal and health gamble.

    Available Formulations Of HGH And Best HGH Brands In The Market Today 

    Fortunately, HGH is no longer extracted from the pituitary gland of deceased people. For several decades, this practice has been eliminated, due to increased risk of disease transmission. Now, HGH is synthesized in a lab like other bioidentical hormones. Since HGH is only available as an injection, this can be a major inconvenience or frustration to those who use HGH.

    A newer form of HGH developed as a time-release option. which means the formulation stays in the system longer, allowing its users to inject fewer times throughout the day. There may be supplements available that are designed to help your body produce more HGH or utilize the HGH you produce. Supplements do not truly contain any HGH but uses a powerful blend of these amino acids to step up your body’s HGH production, It’s formulated to trigger your body’s pituitary gland into releasing more HGH into your bloodstream. With all that said, there is no real guarantee of any benefits or adverse effects of using supplements to mitigate your HGH production. Most of those brands claim there is no side effects, and personally never seen anybody complaining about the products. that would be the result of the natural ingredients.

    Check our HGH trial page for a free sample hgh supplements today.

    What HGH Does For The Body

    For adults who have a deficiency in HGH, establishing an HGH regimen has several benefits. One of the most obvious differences is changes in body composition. Without adequate levels of HGH, the body typically has less muscle mass and tends to store more fat. HGH can help improve body composition by increasing lean body mass and minimizing unnecessary body fat.

    Since HGH also increases bone density, some of the changes in lean body mass are also accounted for by denser bone. Some people also experience improvement in other aspects of their life, such as sleeping patterns, cognitive functioning, and mental health.

    What Can Go Wrong With HGH

    As with any treatment, there can be adverse effects. By receiving treatment from a licensed medical professional, you can decrease your risk of side effects, and proper HGH adjustments can perform if side effects do occur. Some people may experience joint pain and swelling as a possible side effect.

    Many of the adverse problems associated with HGH are correlated with excessive use, typically in people who make the adequate hormone, but add HGH anyway. The most notable effect of having excessive HGH in your body is too much bone growth, which can manifest as an increase in head size. Areas, such as the jaw and forehead, can become noticeably larger. The bones of the fingers and toes can also become larger.

    Although there are many benefits to using an HGH regimen, you should proceed with caution. Having a thorough evaluation by a licensed medical professional will give you the best chance at using HGH safely if you need it.

    Check the best legal steroids brands Crazy Mass and Crazy bulks and available products.

    Best Legal HGH Supplements | HGH Pills And Tablets.

    How To Find The Best Legal HGH Supplements

    There are many people who would love to burn excess fat and build muscle. The problem is that this is often much easier said than done. There are legal HGH supplements available that will help you get the results you are looking for, but they are not always easy to find. Here are some pointers that will lead you to the best possible options.

    FDA Approval

    The first thing you should do when considering a product would be to make sure it is approved by the FDA. If they are, this means that they have been deemed safe to use. Keep in mind that there are many supplements that may claim to have pending approval. If you come across one of these, you should avoid making a purchase. Since they are approved, you will know that they are perfectly legal and you will not get into any hot water when completing a sale.

    Ingredient Lists

    Whether you believe it or not, there are many manufacturers of HGH that do not list all of the ingredients on the label. This is a serious issue since it means you cannot be sure about what you are putting into your body. If there is a list, make sure that you research each ingredient to ensure they are perfectly safe. In the event there are indicators of rogue ingredients, you should cross the offending product off your list of possibilities.

    Also, take note of whether or not there are any corticosteroids listed. The product you buy should only contain synthetic HGH since this helps the body increase its hormones naturally. Another ingredient you should be on the lookout for is an amino acid releaser. This will help boost hormone production.

    Medical Recommendations

    Always speak to a doctor before buying HGH supplements online or in-store. Many people avoid this step since they believe they will be discouraged from moving forward. This is a mistake since there are some medical conditions that can become exacerbated when introducing supplements that can clash with current medications.

    On the flip side, there are also some conditions that are improved when taking HGH. For example, if you are a diabetic that has had some trouble with regulating your blood glucose levels, this can help immensely. The reality is that a doctor can be quite helpful since they can recommend products that can help rather than hurt you.

    Free Trials And Money Back Guarantee

    Just because an HGH supplement is legal, that does not mean that it is the right one for you. The best way to gauge whether or not your body will respond well to a particular supplement would be to take advantage of free trials. If you are not satisfied with the results you receive by the time the trial is over, you can walk away without spending a ton of money.

    Keep in mind that you should be very careful when signing up for free trials. Sometimes doing so means that you are authorizing your payment method to be charged monthly for supplements. If you are not sure which products have free trials available, heading to an online fitness forum and soliciting feedback from some of the other members can be quite helpful.

    Even though some people buy illegal drugs, supplements, or hormones to enhance their appearance, this is certainly something that you should shy away from. There are many great, legal products out there that can help you achieve the same results; you just have to comb through the available options to find the best one. Hopefully, the information here will prove to be quite useful along the way.

    HGH And Testosterone | HGH VS Testosterone Therapy

    HGH VS Testosterone: What You Need To Know

    Human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone are both hormones produced naturally in the human body and are needed for various functions. Testosterone hormone produced in the testes and responsible for the development of male characteristics, muscle development, and increased bone density.  Enough testosterone levels in the blood also make it possible for the body to produce enough energy to be able to take on heavyweights and other strength training exercises.  It is vital for body builders.  Human Growth Hormone (HGH) on the other hand is produced naturally in the brain (by pituitary glands) and is responsible for muscle development and growth among other functions.

    Although produced naturally in the body, both hormone (testosterone and HGH) production decline as one gets older, especially past 35 years. With these hormones responsible for muscle development, protein, and fat metabolism, as well as bone density, bodybuilders have to look for a way to supplement these hormones. This means turning to testosterone boosters and/or HGH supplements. With the two hormones effective in inducing muscle development and growth, many people find it hard to determine which to use. Outlined below are some of the similarities and differences that come with using either of the two.

    1.    Muscle Tone and Development: Both HGH and testosterone have a huge effect on the development of muscles in the body. These hormones trigger increased muscle cell division and multiplication, which results in well-formed muscle. With the right strength training exercises, anyone can direct the muscle growth for a well-built body. The growth hormone also stimulates increased muscle development hence good for body builders.

    2.    Lean Muscle Development: Although strength training does help the body burn excess fats, HGH and testosterone induce increased respiration rates, which not only promote lean muscle development but also help produce the much-needed energy. The higher the testosterone/HGH levels in the blood stream, the longer one is capable of lasting especially in anabolic exercises.

    3.    Recovery and Cognitive Functions: Although testosterone promotes healthy muscle development, HGH goes beyond that by inducing faster recovery of injured tissues.  This is mostly vital after aerobic exercises where one may feel emaciated and weak due to cells wearing out. In addition to this, persons using human growth hormone supplement attest to having better quality sleep. This has been linked to the faster cell recovery, which again promotes a person’s cognitive abilities as well.

    4.    Other Health Benefits: Although testosterone is mainly required for muscle development, vitality, and performance, human growth hormone benefits extend much farther.  This is one of the reasons why most people prefer using HGH supplements to testosterone boosters. Some of the added benefits that come with using HGH supplements include low cholesterol levels (better cardiovascular health), denser bones, improved endurance, and improved kidney and liver performance.

    Determining the best hormone booster to use (especially for bodybuilders) can be a daunting task for many. This is because testosterone and HGH boosters may be effective on some people and ineffective in others. It is for this reason why it would be advisable to work in close collaboration with a physician to help determine which solution is the best for your body. Some people may require very little amounts of HGH for their bodies to respond well, while others need plenty of testosterone to have well-built bodies.

    Since most hormone boosters are synthetic, you should always look for quality. This means identifying a good supplier for the same, or even having a physician examine your supplements before you can use them. Although these supplements may be effective in a way, you should also watch your diet plan for these to work efficiently. Proper nutrition is required to help the body produce more of these hormones naturally for the best results. Amino acids, minerals (zinc, potassium, magnesium), and essential oils are vital for testosterone and human growth hormone production.

    HGH Ingredients | Human Growth Hormone components

    Human Growth Hormones Simplified

    Human growth hormones have become very popular among bodybuilders and those that are just seeking a rejuvenation.  The benefits are endless, but many have concerns about whether or not they are safe because they are not clear on what the ingredients are and what the long-term effects of using them may be.  Here you will find the information that you need if you have concerns about either of the above issues.

    Those that use human growth hormones, commonly referred to as HGH, report that they feel younger, build muscle quickly and burn fat easier than they had before they began using them.  Regardless of these amazing results, there are many questions that follow, such as whether or not they are safe to use and what is in them that can cause such a huge change in a person’s metabolic system.

    HGH is produced naturally in a growing child’s pituitary gland.  It is secreted during the growing years to facilitate the necessary muscle development as well as general growth to help the child to reach adulthood.  Knowing this makes it much more understandable as to why it also works to burn fat.  Who doesn’t wish they could go back to their teens and be able to eat whatever they wanted without consequence at some point in their life?

    While HGH is used for children that have certain diseases that inhibit their growth, there are concerns even at that level, when the child is simply being given what their body lacks, as research is relatively new on what the effects are.  When you transfer that concern to adults using the hormone, who have stopped growing and no longer need it in large doses, the concern becomes even greater.

    HGH has been studied from deceased animals and humans since the 1950s, but it wasn’t able to be created in a lab setting until 1981.  Even though that is over 30 years ago, there has not been lots of research via longitudinal studies that show if there are any detrimental effects of it being used by adults to gain muscle and lose fat.  You will get a different answer regarding its safety depending on who you ask.

    It is important to understand what you are putting into your body if you are planning to use an HGH.  All will vary slightly, but essentially they do contain some of HGH natural ingredients which include:

    • L-Lysine HCL
    • L-Arginine HCL
    • Acetylcysteine
    • Schizonpeta (a Japanese herb)
    • L-Glutamine. 

    Most of these HGH ingredients are expanding the performance of the growth hormones that your body is already producing.  This allows your body to perform at the higher level that it had when you were in your youth.

    The important thing to remember is that there is not a consensus as to whether or not this is a safe supplement to use, especially over the long term.  If you do decide to implement it in your regimen, know that you are taking a risk that may not be small.  On the flip side, there is no proof that this is unsafe either.  It is simply a decision that you have to make for yourself.  It is, however, ideal that you inform your physician that you are using it so that they can monitor your health while you are on it and the years to come.

    Human growth hormone is growing in popularity and with that comes questions about what it is and whether or not it is safe to use.  Unfortunately, it is unclear as to whether there are long-term health effects or not.  It is just something that you have to determine for yourself.

    Review of Secratatropin HGH | Secratatropin HGH Reviews

    Review of Secratatropin HGH 

    After spending some time searching the web for honest reviews on Secratatropin HGH, I found that for some reason or the other, the only review sites I kept stumbling upon all sounded the same and contained the same information. I concluded that this meant they were all written by the same person, probably the manufacturers of Secratatropin HGH. I was about to give up, but then I found a page in which an individual, Greg took the time actually to purchase and try this product out. In this article, I will pass on his honest and detailed findings on Secratatropin HGH.

    Apparently Greg, much like myself had been searching for reviews on Secratatropin HGH and when found that there were all from what seemed to be the owner of this product, he then decided to become a guinea pig himself, he figured that this was the only way in which he would be able to provide a fair and honest review for his readers.

    Greg paid the hefty amount of $299.85 and received four bottles of Secratatropin HGH which he had ordered off their official website. He believed it was worth the investment for an honest review and besides, they do advertise that they have a 90-day money back guarantee, so if he were unsatisfied with the product, he would receive a refund and if he liked the product well perhaps he would purchase more.

    Although every good review he had found was obviously, fake Greg was hoping that Secratatropin HGH would work, and he wanted to give it a fair chance. With this in mind, he went to extreme measures to guarantee that the product evaluated fairly.

    Forty-five days before beginning his three-month trial, Greg stopped taking any other supplements, this included multivitamins. This was to make sure that there were no conflicts between supplements and that the results were 100% accurate. To guarantee that nothing would positively or negatively affect the results, during the entire trial, Greg took no other supplements or medications. While using Secratatropin HGH, Greg maintained the same diet and exercise regimen and strictly adhered to the indications on the bottle, never missing a single dosage.

    What he found was that this product made him feel worse. After only three days of using it he felt sick to his stomach and developed diarrhea, he stated: “for basically two and a half months, I felt like crap.” After finishing two bottles during a sixty day period not only, did he continue to feel horrible but had seen absolutely no positive results.

    Once he decided to email the company and describe what was happening, seeking their advice, he never heard back from them. Once he was certain there was no way this product was beneficial he carefully followed the steps to request his refund. He sent back the unused products and verified with the tracking information that they had, in fact, received it. Believe it or not, regardless of how many times he communicated he never received his refund.

    In conclusion, the research Greg did as well as the results of his personal trail of Secratatropin HGH provided the following information:

    1. Secratatropin HGH does not work, not at all. After trying it for two and a half months not only were there no results, but he felt quite sick, and the only explanation was this new product he was taking.

    2. The positive reviews on Secratatropin HGH are all fake. Every site that contains them is identical, what does that tell you?

    3. The customer service provided by the company producing Secratatropin HGH is low quality. If you order a product you can rest assured they will never communicate to answer questions or concerns you may have.

    4. They do not stand by their 90-day money back guarantee which, if you visit their official website is plastered everywhere. If you look closely, even their money back, guarantee dates are conflictive.

    If you are considering purchasing Secratatropin HGH  I strongly recommend that you don´t. Why pay for something that not only will not give you the results they promise but will also make you feel ill? And if you think that it is worth the risk because you can always get your money back, you may like Greg find out that that is only wishful thinking. Better safe than sorry is what I recommend.

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    What Is Secratatropin HGH and Is It Safe to Use?

    What Is Secratatropin HGH and Is It Safe to Use? 

    The body naturally produces human growth hormone, also known as HGH by the pituitary gland. Human growth hormone stimulates proper growth in children as well as adolescents. In adults, it helps to regulate fat metabolism as well as sugar levels; it assists in muscle and bone growth as well as with the structure of the body and composition of body fluids, it is even said to help with heart function.

    Even though for medical purposes, synthetic human growth hormone can be prescribed to people regardless of their age, it is highly popular among bodybuilders. People looking to lose weight, tone or quickly bulk up make a personal choice to take human growth hormone supplements. It is not necessarily safe to consume these products, and there are serious side effects associated with them.

    In this article we will briefly discuss one such product, Secratatropin HGH: 

    What Is Secratatropin HGH?

    This all-natural human growth supplement is currently in competition with the synthetic product in this market. Those who prefer taking a natural supplement as opposed to a laboratory composed one will prefer this option. This product is allegedly stronger than synthetic versions of human growth hormone, which means it is more efficient and works much faster.

    Secratatropin human growth hormone combines a variety of ingredients which can act rapidly in the body. Being as they are absorbed easily via body tissue, they can immediately be to work. The manager of the product has claimed that each ingredient is quite potent, this is to guarantee quality and results. On the official Secratatropin HGH, the ingredients are claimed to not only be 100% legal but also safe.

    Other than assisting with weight loss and dramatically increasing in muscle mass, this product is allegedly supposed to contain anti-aging components which provide performance enhancing benefits. As your weight begins to stabilize, supposedly, your wrinkles will start to diminish.

    What Ingredients Can Be Found In Secratatropin HGH?

    The ingredients in Secratatropin HGH are:

    • Alpha GPC
    • GABA
    • L-Arginine
    • L-Glutamine
    • L-Isoleucine
    • Tribulus Terrestris
    • L-Valine
    • L-Lysine
    • L-Leucine
    • L-Ornithine

    Is It Safe To Use Secratatropin HGH?

    The official Secratatropin website explains that the way this product works is by tricking your brain into stimulating the pituitary gland to “naturally” produce more human growth hormone. Because it is composed of ingredients that are all natural, the manufacturer states that the supplement is 100% safe to use. That being said, it is not regulated by the FDA. This product, however, does not require a prescription and contains no steroids.

    Are There Any Side Effects Associated With The Use of Secratatropin HGH?

    The official site for Secratatropin HGH claims that not only is the product perfectly safe they also state that there are no side effects associated with its consumption. If however, you look over pages that have reviewed this product, they are in disagreeing. Some people who have used this product claim that instead of feeling better, they felt worse. Others stated that while using Secratatropin HGH, they experienced severe stomach pains, nausea, and diarrhea. There were also complaints that when they attempted to get their money back, the attitude of the customer service department was uncooperative and did not respond to their many pleas for a much-deserved refund.

    Whether or not Secratatropin HGH can live up to the publicity, the official page offers remain to be seen. It is however not a product which is approved by the FDA and as with any supplement, it is always best to consult your primary care physician before attempting its use.

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    Human Growth Hormone Facts

    Essential Human Growth Hormone Facts 

    Human growth hormone is a hormone that has been attracting a lot of attention in the fitness world, because it is thought to have a lot of benefits in terms of health and wellbeing – it can help people to build muscle and cut body fat, give them more energy, improve the quality of their sleep, and even increase their libido.

    Your body produces its own supply of growth hormone. It is made, automatically, in the pituitary gland. The body’s natural supply is used for cell growth and regeneration, and it can help to increase muscle mass too, and even improve your bone density if you do lots of load bearing exercise. The growth hormone that is made by the pituitary gland is turned into ‘growth factors’ by the liver – IGF-1 is perhaps the most important growth factor from the point of view of a performance athlete.

    The problem with the body’s HGH supply is that it varies with age. The average person’s growth hormone’s output will peak while they are going through adolescence, and then start to decline during the 20s, although the decrease won’t be too noticeable until much later in life.

    If you feel like you are constantly tired, don’t have much of a libido, feel weak or are injury prone, then you could have a growth hormone deficiency. It is well worth getting tested to see what your growth hormone levels are like before you start taking supplements or asking for a prescription for growth hormones.

    You can get a growth hormone test done by your doctor. It is a relatively simple procedure, but you will need to fast for a little while before it to get an accurate result. The blood test is not all that different to the one that you would get during a physical or an annual check-up.  If your doctor notices that your growth hormone levels are low, then you may need more tests done to figure out why – it could be down to nutrition, age, an underlying illness, or something serious like cancer of the pituitary gland. Low growth hormone levels are emphatically not a reason to panic, but they are worth following up on as a precautionary measure.

    If you decide to take synthetic growth hormone supplements, make sure you are sensible about this. You do not want to take more than you need, and you should always take them under the supervision of a qualified medical professional. Some people who take very high levels of HGH for prolonged period of time develop ‘GH Gut’, where they see growth of certain organs. Some people get enlarged bones in their hands and feet if they take HGH for long periods of time. Again, though, this is something that tends to only happen with high doses, taken for prolonged periods, by those who are looking to increase their HGH levels for performance or aesthetics related reasons, rather than for general health.

    If you are simply looking to get a ‘new lease of life’ and you don’t care about muscle growth, fat loss, or strength, the you will not be taking the kinds of HGH doses that will cause side effects of that nature. Your doctor will not prescribe that amount of HGH, because there has not been a lot of research done into the long term effects and the potential HGH side effects that you would see if you allowed someone to take massive doses for several years. In particular, there are concerns that elevated levels of certain hormones (such as testosterone) is harmful to the body’s ability to make its own.

    Is Human Growth Hormone Legal ? | HGH Uses and Legality

    Human Growth Hormone Uses and Legality

    Human growth hormone is a hormone that is naturally produced in the human body by the pituitary gland. It is used for muscle growth, tissue repair, and even to improve bone density.

    Your production of human growth hormone peaks during puberty then tails off as you get deep into your 20s. Some men become deficient in human growth hormone as they get older, either because of other hormone imbalances, a poor diet, illness, genetic predisposition, or because their pituitary gland is not functioning correctly.

    Human growth hormone can be prescribed for some reasons. There are some ‘well man’s clinics’ that can prescribe it for certain symptoms that may simply be caused by general aging – as long as you are deficient in HGH. However, if your levels are within what is considered to be normal, then you cannot usually get a prescription. The legal status of human growth hormone is quite complicated.  That’s why you can’t just get a straight yes or no answer to questions like ‘is human growth hormone legal’?

    HGH is considered to be a prescription only drug. While you can get creams and sprays online, endocrinologists would be quick to tell you that those products are primarily worthless – the hormone won’t make it into your body in a usable form unless you inject it. The injections can only be obtained by prescription – for a very limited number of uses.

    There are good reasons for HGH being such a carefully controlled substance, too. HGH use carries with it the risks of some side effects – the mildest of which being swelling, joint pain, enlarged organs and enlarged hands and feet. The worst of which being cancer.

    Cancer is, essentially, uncontrolled growth of cells. Growth hormone is a hormone that your body produces to promote cell regeneration. So if you have a small, slowly growing, benign and undiagnosed tumor, taking HGH could make that tumor grow far, far more rapidly – reducing the window of opportunity that you have to get that tumor diagnosed and treated.

    It’s important to note that the link to cancer in humans is not something that has been proved, yet – but it has been found in mice – although the mice were taking comparatively large dose compared to what would be given for anti-aging purposes.

    HGH is something that is quite a controversial substance. If you can find a doctor that will prescribe a low dose of it for whatever symptoms you are experiencing, then you will need to make up your mind about whether or not you are willing to take the risk of shortening your life to enjoy a higher quality of life right now. You may want to look at alternative treatments first of all, or even milder diet changes and supplements.

    If you’re thinking of taking HGH as a sports performance enhancer, then you are exposing yourself to far greater risks – both medically and legally. There are significant fines for people who are caught with HGH, and some sports governing bodies would consider HGH to be ‘illegal’ in the realms of their sport.

    There is a big difference between taking small amounts of HGH to return your levels to those of a young adult and supplementing to boost muscle growth and promote fat loss. Very few doctors will prescribe HGH for such non-essential reasons – indeed, in 2004 Jackie Springer from Kansas was stripped of her license for being too willing to prescribe HGH to patients, allegedly doing so without performing all the required tests. So, think before you ask your doctor for HGH.

    Human Growth Hormone Benefits

    5 Great Benefits Of Using Human Growth Hormone

    While human growth hormone has been in the news the past few years for negative reasons, particularly due to professional athletes getting an unfair advantage, it has many health benefits when you used correctly. In fact, human growth hormone is produced naturally in the body and provides some incredible health benefits. You can take HGH to make up for certain deficiencies or just to give yourself a physical and mental edge. Before doing so, you will need to touch base with your primary medical doctor to be sure that you are using proper dosages and that it is safe for you to use.

    With this in mind, read on to learn about five great benefits of using human growth hormone.

    Benefit #1: Human growth hormone provides you with excellent muscle recovery

    If you are a person who is constantly in the gym trying to better yourself, you know just how taxing this can be on your body. When taking human growth hormone, you will have a much better recovery time to heal and receive gains in the gym. The process of physical training requires you to have a period of rest so that your muscles can break down and be built himself back up again. Human growth hormone allows you to go through this process in a way that is safe and healthy while expediting the process.

    Benefit #2: You will receive excellent physical performance

    This is the reason that many professional athletes have come under scrutiny. While it is clearly unfair to get an edge on your competition by using banned substances, if you are only taking advantage of activities for fun and fitness, you have no ethical reason to feel bad about using human growth hormone. This hormone allows you to get much better sports performance and actually capitalize on your genetics and physical stature. Whether you want to increase your bench press or shave a few seconds off of your mile time, this is an excellent way to go about it.

    Benefit #3: Human growth hormone increases libido and sexuality overall

    Many people who are suffering from hormone imbalances or low testosterone turn to pills and other harmful solutions. However, human growth hormone gives many of the same benefits, since it provides an uptick in libido and will significantly improve upon your sexual performance. It does this in a less harmful way since human growth hormone occurs naturally in your body and is not harmful to you when taken appropriately and responsibly.

    Benefit #4: You will receive an overall improvement in your mood and mental health

    It is important to take a holistic approach to your health because the mind and body are tied together. As the old proverb goes, as above, so below — as below, so above. In this regard, that means that when your body is in peak physical condition due to human growth hormone, you also see improvements in your mental health and mood. You also notice that you will have better sleep patterns, which allow you to rest up and recharge your body.

    Benefit #5: You will be able to lose weight and lower your blood pressure

    Human growth hormone allows you to build solid lean muscle. In doing this, you will also be able to trim fat and reduce your overall blood pressure levels. In the age where obesity, high blood pressure, and heart problems are prevalent, you can’t go wrong with this.

    Take advantage of these benefits and talk to your doctor about using human growth hormone.

    What Is Human Growth Hormone? Uses And Abuses.

    A Brief Explanation Of Human Growth Hormone 

    Many people believe that human growth hormone can turn back time and is a fountain of youth. Bodybuilders believe that it is a way to build muscle quickly, get rid of excess fat, increase your libido and provide high amounts of energy. This opinions which many experts believe to be untrue, in fact, many products which contain human growth hormone can potentially be dangerous. Synthetically produced human growth hormone is an active ingredient ins many prescription drugs as well as other products which are accessible and easy to purchase online.

    What Is Human Growth Hormone?

    Human growth hormone also is known simply as growth hormone is produced naturally by the body in the pituitary gland. As the name implies, human growth hormone is responsible not only for the growth of cells but also their regeneration. It would be impossible for muscles and bones to grow without human growth hormone. Human growth hormone also plays a vital role in maintaining human tissue healthy. This includes vital organs as well as the brain.

    When human growth hormone is secreted, the amount of time in which it is active in the bloodstream is one a few minutes. However, this is more than enough time for the liver to do its job by converting it into growth factors. A healthy adult man will typically have under five nano-grams of human growth hormone per milliliter circulating in his blood. A healthy woman will, for child bearing purposes produce twice that amount. During puberty, the levels for both men and women peak and will sharply drop the once early twenties reached.

    Uses and Abuses of Human Growth Hormone

    Developed in 1985, synthetic human growth hormone was approved by the FDA for particular use in both adults and children.

    When someone is of short stature for an unknown reason or weak growth due to medical causes such as Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, birth at a small gestational age, human growth hormone insufficiency or deficiency, chronic kidney insufficiency as well as other conditions adults may have, a human growth hormone injection may be prescribed.

    Unfortunately, human growth hormone is more commonly used in non-FDA approved ways. Many people use human growth hormone in conjunction with various performance enhancing drugs as a way to improve their athletic performance and attempt to build more muscle mass. However, the effect that human growth hormone has on athletic performance is uncertain.

    When the body begins to age, the natural levels of human growth hormone start to decrease naturally. There has been a lot of speculation by alleged anti-aging experts who claim that the aging process could be reversed with the use of human growth hormone products. Not only is the use of human growth hormone as a form of anti-aging not approved by the FDA, but the claims are also unproven.

    There are however ways in which people have been able to get their hands on injectable human growth hormone products which are not approved by the FDA. They can find them on online pharmacies, websites; they can also get them from doctors who prescribe these types of products for off-label purposes as well as from anti-aging clinics.

    There are some serious side effects associated with the improper use of human growth hormone, these side effects include:

    • Edema,
    • Tingling and numbness in the skin,
    • High levels of cholesterol,
    • Pain in the nerves,
    • Joints and muscles,
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome,
    • High risk of diabetes
    • Even the growth of tumors which may be cancerous.


    It is also important to remember that if human growth hormone is purchased illicitly, you may not get what you think you are purchasing. Due to the high costs associated with human growth hormone, it has been counterfeited quite often If the human growth hormone you are purchasing is not being prescribed by your doctor, you may not even be purchasing human growth hormone. Before deciding to use any form of human growth hormone for any reason, it is best to consult your primary care provider.